Harvest Program Information

About The Harvest Program

Trussler's Pantry is a local business with an ever-expanding network of certified organic growers, including a local farmer who is certified organic right here. Trussler's Pantry a smarter, healthier alternative to the traditional agribusiness model by working with small farms as the food source for our community. We forge close relationships with local farmers who farm organically. We are northeasterns leader in ensuring farmers receive a paycheque for their hard work and will be around for us in the future. We want knowledge and choice of local organic to become the norm, not the exception, for all segments of our community.


Trussler’s Pantry offers a year round Organic Harvest Program to those of you whose priority is eating organically and supporting local organic foods. Our Pantry recognizes that eating clean organic foods grown close to home is not an option but a necessity.  We have done all the work and you get to sit back and enjoy your deliveries. NO more running from store to store looking for organics.

Local First

Trussler’s Pantry Organic Harvest values Farmers.  Our first priority is to to source foods right here in our area. Currently we are working with 1 local farmer in our area offering Certified Organic foods.  Both the pantry and our farmer continue to encourage other local farmers to farm organically.  Not sure if someone is organic? Ask questions! Find out how they take care of pests, what type of fertilizer they use (ask if anything synthetic is used), sprays etc... Don't assume a farmer is farming organically just because they look charming. Get the facts. Want our certification ? Send us an email.  We will be happy to provide our certification for our produce. More about our Farmer

What Does It Mean?

This means that this is the real deal.  The real McCoy. These vegetables are grown right in your backyard.  They are grown by real people, not machines. This means soil that uses only natural, non-synthetic fertilizers to feed the plants. No Chemicals, no growth enhancers. Produce that will make you healthy and not sick. When you purchase the food you eat, you are making choices—about your health, the health of your family, and the health of our environment. As you are concerned with the quality of your health, you should also be concerned with the quality of the food you eat. Organically grown crops are produced without the problems to health and the environment inherent in chemical farming.

The Pantry only sources foods that can be trusted certified organic.


Your produce is delivered right to your door.

Tuesdays Matheson, KL, New Liskeard, Haileb. area

Wednesday Timmins 

Thursday Iroquois Falls - Cochrane 

Bi weekly Fridays Kap - Smooth Rock - Hearst 


All our delivery drivers are bondable with a clean drivers abstract. We do not have designated times to give our members as each delivery day varies according to weather and packing, new orders and rerouting customers bins.  We ask that all our members make arrangements for delivery days directly with the pantry. There are many options for receiving your box even if you are not home. 

  • Door unlocked on delivery days
  • Key to be given for season (or door passcode)
  • Heated Garage (out of the sun and heat)
  • Delivered to your work, family or friends

Think It's Too Expensive?

We know how hard you work for your money as do we. Our prices were not put together in our sleep. We sat down with a variety of farmers and talked with them. We also talked with EX farmers that stopped farming because there was no money to support their family, and listened to their opinion on what it would take to keep farmers in operations for the long term as well as many price comparisons and hands on experience farming. We believe in paying our farmers a fair wage so that we can secure the continuation of this kind of availability in our area for the future.

Still Think It's Too Expensive? WELL LET'S TALK.

Ever get home and not eat your vegetables because they look sad, wilted and don't even have a taste? Well those days are OVER with Trussler's Pantry. The difference is eating your vegetables and bringing joy back to the table. GOOD FOOD creates HEALTHY PEOPLE. My kids don't like carrots you may say until they get a taste of a fresh carrot with some of the earth still intact. The quality, taste and freshness of Trussler's Harvest produce will BLOW YOUR MIND. You are already spending this money on produce and maybe you aren't because you haven't found any worth spending your money on but here is your chance to love your veggies again and at the same time you are doing so much more.

Why Organic and Non GMO?

  • Organic products meet strict national standards — The “Canada Organic” logo is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures and rules. Organic is the most heavily regulated and scrutinized food system in Canada.
  • Cut back on chemicals! — Many herbicides and insecticides commonly used in agriculture have been found to be carcinogenic, hormone replicators, or negative for children’s development. Choosing organic has been shown to significantly reduce your exposure to chemical residues.
  • Organic farms take water seriously — Organic farmers are required to manage the land and life around water systems very carefully, and are inspected annually. By not using synthetic fertilizers and persistent toxic chemicals, organic farming is also easy on our precious water reserves, while building good soils that fight erosion. READ MORE

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