Price: 16.00
Growing Methods: VegetarianVegan

23 Degrees Morning Star Light/Medium Roast Coffee - $16.00

A great way to start your day!

Morning Star captures a very distinctive lemon tone, intensified by the light roast, and we felt that this was the perfect coffee with which to start off the day - hence the name. And because it is a light roast, it provides an even greater dose of caffeine, for those of us that need an extra kick in the morning.


Organically grown coffee is raised without the use of dangerous pesticides or synthetic fertilizers that would augment or protect the crop. Most often they are grown in the shade of trees that protect the shorter coffee plants, keeping them at their preferred growth temperature, and in tandem, maintaining bird habitats. The setback? Coffee matures slower under these conditions, costing more for the farmer and the buyer, and this explains the premium price that organic goods garner on the shelf.

Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Beans

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