Price: 30.60
Growing Methods:

Grass Fed Top Sirloin Steak - $30.60

  • 100% grass fed beef
  • The leanest of all steaks - one of the finest, most flavourful cuts of beef
  • Top Sirloin has a thick texture & is full of hearty flavour

Average steak weight 1.8lb

Price Per lb: $17.0

Profile for Brooker's Meat

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Brooker's Meats owner Tom Brooker has always had a passion for great food and to support local food producers.  All the meats are sourced from Ontario farmers pasture raised and free of antibiotics.


Sustainability means using farming practices that do not deplete natural resources or damage the environment. We achieve this by working with farms who:

  • Put cows and other ruminants on pasture where they eat the food they are meant to eat, GRASS.
  • Periodically rotate cows between pastures so that the pastures do not become over-grazed and the animals always have fresh grass.
  • Do not use hormones or antibiotics


Schomberg , Ontario