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Carrie Ward Fresh Natural Wellness & Aesthetics

New Liskeard

I have received three bins now. My veggies have never lasted so long or tasted so good. These alive and vibrant foods with real energy is truly natures natural medicines. How food is suppose to taste ! The pantry provides you with lots of information on how to store, awesome recipes and so much more. My children are always excited to see what we are getting and to make healthy snacks. We certainly are what we eat. All starts with what we are feeding ourselves. Thank you for going back to what is most important and providing our area with such an important thing!! Self love starts with our food and water.

Jane Rivard

New Liskeard

Made roasted black radish with organic carrots and tossed in some living greens. Was a great combination. Definitely making this again. Thank you Trussler's Pantry for the amazing options in our bins.

Brenda Lefebvre

Nellie Lake

The Organic Winter Harvest from Trusslers Pantry has been such a wholesome natural treat delivered right to our door.  Before each delivery date, a list of the produce to be included in my bin was emailed to me and I was able to plan my menus accordingly. Recipes included in the bins were so simple, fast and fun to try.
With 48 hour notice Kara and her crew can :
1. adapt your bin contents to your preferences, (but do try something new)
2. delivery locations – work, cool garage etc.
3. adjust for vacations – share it with your family
4. include organic roasts, steaks, gr. beef, organic butters, coffee, gluten free breads and much more for an extra cost
Occasionally  they will SURPRISE  you with extras!
Honestly, everything we have tried from Trusslers Pantry brings me back to the days when I ate fresh from my Grandfathers Organic garden. And people my age will know what I mean! My grandson Winston is part of the school hot lunch program provided by Trusslers Pantry and loves it.
The dedication of our Northeastern Ontario farmers to grow healthy Certified Organic foods for our local communities will positively impact the lives of the families who care to take advantage of their wisdom and hard work.
I cant wait for my next delivery!

Jessica Commission Gels by Jess Esthetics


I received a Senior's box from Trussler's Pantry. It was such a joy opening the box to see all the bright colours and smell the fruits and vegetables inside! For the next week, I was excitedly trying new recipes, and adding in delicious ingredients from the box that I had never cooked with before. Even in the small senior's box, there was a TON of food! The service and friendliness of Trussler's Pantry's staff is always above and beyond the call of duty. If you're looking for locally grown/fair trade, organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your home or work, the Trussler's Pantry is a great, local business to support!

Keep up the great work, guys! You make a difference!

Kelleigh Wright - Boreal Food studio


Trussler’s Pantry is more than a convenience that I have come to depend upon.
As a single parent and business woman, who deeply values seasonal food that has been grown to organic and permaculture standards, I found it very difficult to attend the local farmer markets due to my work schedule.  These markets are wonderful places but are only open for a few hours each week - not great when most of my shopping was being done late at night.
Trussler’s Pantry was the solution for me - I now get local produce in both winter and summer and it is delivered to my door.  My fridge, freezer and pantry are now always stocked with beautiful fruits and vegetables (and sometimes Kara throws in a wonderful surprise).  I know that I am supporting both a small business and local farmers in this region when I purchase my Harvest Boxes rather than giving my money to multinational corporations.
The added bonus was making friends with Kara and Mandie. It’s always great to meet others in Northeastern Ontario who are as equally passionate about local food.


We tried the Summer Harvest program offered by Trussler's Pantry this past summer. The boxes were full of great in season produce each week. We got to try new fruits/veggies that we otherwise wouldn't have. Each box came with a explanation of what was included in that week's box and a recipe to use some of the produce. And if you have a particular aversion to certain vegetables you can customize your box to not include those items. What's most amazing is that everything is organic! Felt great to know we were eating HEALTHY fruits and vegetables! Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!


Thanks again for all your hard work providing this service. I do plan to participate again (once I have this mommy-ing thing figured out a bit).


Rosalia Rivera

Excellent customer service and premium produce! Loved being able to get it delivered when we are so busy. And so fantastic that the produce is sourced locally and certified organic, when possible, and regionally to support regional farming. Highly recommend for busy people who want to start eating healthier and organically!

Tyna Germain


Great produce and amazing customer service. I would highly recommend Trussler's Pantry to anyone who loves fresh non-GMO organic vegetables. This stuff taste wonderful. Nothing like the grocery stuff. Thanks again Trussler's.

Tanya Sobchuk


Had the pleasure of visiting Trussler's Pantry and the awesome lady who created it. Bought a nice variety of foods and have enjoyed them all. The goat shanks were excellent quality, and the tuna was to die for. I am very much enjoying the Birch Syrup and have hoarded a few extra bottles to take me through until the next batch (hmm, maybe I should pick up a few more). It's fantastic to see a business like this in the north as we normally have to travel quite a distance south to see anything even remotely close to the great items Trussler's Pantry has in stock.
I look forward to purchasing fresh produce this year. The entire family helps out and children learn where food comes from and the hard work that is needed to produce it.
I urge everyone to take the time and drop on in, there's something for everyone in the Pantry.

Chrislynn Losier Just Natural Spa


I've ordered bulk amounts of the lentil pasta from Trussler's Pantry, and am always so pleased!! They're amazing people, great for asking advice if you need any for health questions too!

Janice Kean Vickers

A year ago I started on a personal journey to make a healthier lifestyle not only for myself but for my kids as well. I did a total 360 and switched to local farm food. To be able to not only taste the difference in food quality but to know where your food is coming from has changed my family's eating habits. Congrats to Trussler's Pantry for a exceptional program and I hate to tell you but you are stuck with me now!

Samantha Pearson


Alright, so as far as this program goes, never have I ever seen anything like it. First of all, I don't know any ladies more passionate about food and how it's grown than the two ladies who run Trusslers pantry. These girls can talk your ear off for a solid hour and never run out of good things to say about organic vegetables and free run animals. Being educated about food as I am I can tell you this food is appropriately priced, and tastes amazing. If it weren't for this program I would have never discovered the kohlrabi vegetable, or those weird kale wraps (amazing fried in an omelette) or even tried kale (which is now a favourite for my family. But the vegetables aside, the eggs were the biggest shock to me. "Oh no the yolk is dark orange, maybe it's gone bad. (Cracks another in the pan) well this one can't be bad as well" until I learned about the difference between organic free run and the ones you buy from the store... It disgusts me now to see a bright yellow almost transparent yolk. And what's BEST is its delivered to your door!! For those who have kids and grocery shopping can be a nightmare or if you're just too busy to catch the grocery store because of work this program is straight up all around awesome.

Sarah Henderson

Trusslers is an amazing group of people offering awesome LOCAL produce. I love knowing where my fruits and veggies came from and knowing they were grown without harmful chemicals. I also love the idea of supporting local farmers. I feel good about what I'm feeding my family now. I love the diversity of the boxes and it forces me to try different veggies that I never would have thought to try before, but also has lots of the fruits and veggies I already like. I have had the privilege of meeting most of the people behind Trusslers and the farmers as well and they are all down to earth and amazing people. I highly recommend the harvest boxes to anyone!

Michele Short

Kirkland Lake

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and extras that Trussler's Pantry puts in your basket. Eating these delicious foods brings me back to a kid..huge DIFFERENCE from grocery store veggies/fruits! So glad I made the switch.

Dr. Dale Robertson

Kirkland Lake

Moving up North from Montreal, I thought I was leaving my days of local organic produce behind me. So I was ecstatic to find Trussler's Pantry. Not only does the quality and the variety of the produce match similar services in a big city, the customer service and attention to detail far surpass it. I look forward to my Trussler's pantry basket each week, and love trying the recipes that accompany them. The pantry items are a real treat too, allowing me to try things I wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to try. Kara and her team are so welcoming, you can tell they have such a passion for healthy delicious food and just want to share that passion with your family. I'm looking forward to many further Pantry Harvests and can't wait to see what other things Trussler's Pantry comes up with in the future.

Lisa Boivin


Such an amazing program run by amazing people! Thank you for all the work you put into this!

Janice Vickers

I cannot say enough good things about this program or the products to others I know. Its like christmas every week when a new box comes. So so glad there is a program like this and I'm so happy our family is a part of it. Thank you for all your hard work. :)