2019 a Brand New Season

Want to eat Healthier this year? Be realistic saying you want to lose 30lbs by March is not realistic but making small changes such as adding veggies to breakfast time is. So here is a realistic New years resolution…. This year I will  include veggies in one way or another at every breakfast. I see plenty of non traditional breakfast in my future!

New Years resolution #2: Eat two pieces of fruit a day. This year I’m going to really attempt to eat two pieces of fruit per day instead of my “usual snacks”.

New Years resolution #3: This year I’m going to PILE on the veggies. The majority of Canadians don’t eat the daily recommended 3 or more servings of vegetables, according to recent report from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. You can change this by making a decision to eat more fruits and vegetables. The best fruits and vegetables are those that are sourced locally and are organic.