Organic Fruit Bin

Organic Fruit Bin

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Certified OrganicNon GMO

Designed for fruit lovers! Filled with the best of local fruits in the summer, and organic, Fair Trade certified organic fruits. Bi-weekly home-delivered,  fresh, certified organic fruits for the whole family to enjoy. Allow our Harvest Experts to pick the best selection.

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The ORGANIC FRUIT BOX is currently only offered to Harvest Members. Harvest Members, you can now add a fruit box to your existing Harvest. More fruit means healthier kids, eating whole foods is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.  Our Harvest Experts will pick the best selection available to us, we will do this by selecting the freshest, closest fruits we can access.

See below for fruit bin examples and bin dimensions.  Fruits you can expect according to seasons. SUMMERTIME: Local Apples, Local Pears, Local Strawberries, Local Peaches, Local Watermelon, Local Raspberries, Local Cantaloupe, Local Honeydew, etc…. There are realities to growing in the North then there are certified organic realities. Sometimes you will find fruit in Ontario but is not certified, we will not deviate from our larger plan of asking farmers to produce clean, safe food for our kids and our future. That leaves us with a very limited supply of fruit. All tropical fruit is imported but ALWAYS CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Don’t like something we will switch it for something we do have. You will receive an email one week before delivery and at that time you can make changes.

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