Scentuals Essential Oils 10ml

Scentuals Essential Oils 10ml


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100% Natural Essential Oil Blends


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Lemongrass oil is distilled from the plant. It smells of lemons, but is milder, sweeter and has a sour note.

Uses: Acne, Fatigue, Insect repellent, Muscle/joint pain


Basil oil is from the leaves and flowers of the basil plant. It has a natural herb-like aroma, along with a hint of spice.

Uses: Nausea, Motion sickness, Poor blood circulation


Anise Star has a distinctive aroma similar to black licorice. Its revigorating scent can dramatically enhance a dull blend.
Uses: Coughing, Cramps, Headaches


Clove is an earthy aroma that combines the best of sweet and spice notes. It is soothing and great for enhancing dull moods.
Uses: Acne, Inflammation, Stress


Cinnamon is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium, tannins, while also having a high content of fiber. It has antibacterial, astringent, antioxidant, antiseptic, detoxifying and anti-fungal.
Uses: Anxiety, Exhaustion, Infections, Poor circulation


Tea Tree oil is distilled from the leaves of the tree. Its colour is pale yellow and it has a bold and distinctive aroma.

Uses: Acne, Congestion, Itchy scalp, Oily skin


Rosemary oil comes from steam distilling the flower of the plant. It is colourless and has a strong, herbaceous scent.

Uses: Anxiety, Dry scalp, Migraines, Negative Emotions


Peppermint oil is produced by steam distilling the flowering herb. The oil is pale yellow and has a cool, refreshing scent.

Uses: Acne, Dermatitis, Headache, Low energy


Sweet Orange oil is cold expressed from the peel of oranges. The oil is yellow-orange and has a pleasant, fruity scent.
Uses: Cold/flu, Dull complexion, Muscle pain


Lemon was traditionally used as a cleaning agent and medicinally for issues relating to the digestive system. It is an astringent and detoxifying agent, and is rich in vitamins. It is often used for it’s fresh and light scent.
Uses: Acne, Cold/Flu, Low energy, Oily skin


Fir Needle oil is distilled from the twigs and needles of the fir tree. It has a light, yet fresh aroma.

Uses: Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Nasal congestion, Sore throat


Eucalyptus oil is distilled from the leaves and young twigs of the eucalyptus tree. It has a refreshing, clean aroma.

Uses: Exhaustion, Nasal congestion, Muscular aches, Toxicity


Lavender is an oil that has a rich floral aroma often used for calming purposes.

Uses: Anxiety, Insomnia, Muscle/joint pain


Cedarwood oil is extracted from wood pieces. It smells like the fresh woody air of a North American pine forest.
Uses: Coughing, Inflammation, Nasal congestion




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