What’s in my delivery?

In the summer months the Harvest is filled with produce grown right here in our Northern soil. You will experience quality organics picked right out of the garden just hours before delivery.

Depending what’s in season, each box is different.  Here is our summer and winter lists.

Our source is always LOCAL first.

Local • Organic • Non-GMO

Trussler’s Harvest is the best way to get true organic foods. Our source is always local first so that we know exactly where our food is coming from. In the winter months you will receives boxes that are twice the size of the summer boxes and they will be delivered bi weekly in the cold months.

Most of what you will receive in your box is from right here in Matheson. The Pantry has sourced what we can’t grow here from other greenhouse farmers that also farm organically so that you will continue to get an amazing variety all season long.