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Northern Ontario Service Areas

Cobalt, Cochrane, Elk Lake, Englehart, Haileybury, Hearst, Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Kenogami, Kirkland Lake, Latchford, Matheson, New Liskeard, Opasatika, Timmins, Swastika, Smooth Rock Falls, Val Rita and areas in between


Trussler’s Harvest is the best way to make sure you’re getting high quality organic, non-gmo food, delivered right to your door. Our Motto is “ALWAYS LOCAL FIRST” and “ALWAYS CERTIFIED ORGANIC”. Trussler’s Harvest offers a sensational array of certified organic vegetables and fruits conveniently delivered to directly to your home. It’s simple, you sit back and wait for your deliveries on your doorstep every two weeks. You can add eggs to your Harvest bin at no extra cost to you, omit any produce or fruits you don’t like, we add recipes in all of your bins and we also send you an email the week before your deliveries to let you know what is coming. Our selections are handpicked by our Harvest experts offering you an AMAZING variety of 8-12 Veggie varieties in each box and 2 varieties of fruits.

In the spring and summer our plans explode with a bountiful harvest from our growers right here in Matheson. Trussler’s Harvest offers you the advantage of knowing that you are feeding yourself and your loved ones the best in local, certified organic, non GMO food.Trussler’s Harvest is the best way to make sure you’re getting quality, organic, Non Gmo food, conveniently delivered right to your door. Enjoy fantastic organic vegetables ALL YEAR LONG. We have done all the hard work and you get to sit back and enjoy your deliveries that are packed with Fresh Greens and an assortment of organic produce and organic fruits. SIGN UP and and start receiving nutritious, organic, healthy, fresh foods conveniently delivered to your door!


Jump on the Harvest!

Jump on the Harvest!

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Trussler’s Harvest

More than you can imagine

Every delivery is filled with so much organic goodness!

Great produce! We absolutely love the quality of produce, service Trussler offers!
Daisy Janssen

Trussler’s Pantry is more than a convenience that I have come to depend upon.

As a single parent and business woman, who deeply values seasonal food that has been grown to organic and permaculture standards, I found it very difficult to attend the local farmer markets due to my work schedule. These markets are wonderful places but are only open for a few hours each week – not great when most of my shopping was being done late at night.

Trussler’s Pantry was the solution for me – I now get local produce in both winter and summer and it is delivered to my door. My fridge, freezer and pantry are now always stocked with beautiful fruits and vegetables (and sometimes Kara throws in a wonderful surprise). I know that I am supporting both a small business and local farmers in this region when I purchase my Harvest Boxes rather than giving my money to multinational corporations.

The added bonus was making friends with Kara and Mandie. It’s always great to meet others in Northeastern Ontario who are as equally passionate about local food.

Kelleigh Wright

Trena, Kara and their crew are doing a great job at Trussler’s Pantry. Personal notes, (reasonable) accommodation requests, excellent produce, at a competitive price (works out to organic produce price with free delivery). We’re sticking with them into the new year. 23-Apr-2020 I can’t find where to write a new review, so I’m just adding to the above. Still loving this service. Quantity and quality are outstanding.

Chris Aitkens

We are Loving our bins! Thanks for artichoke last week. I love artichoke (often buying the marinated artichoke hearts in the store) But had never actually bought one! My kids go nuts over your raisins (me too!) and how sweet your carrots are! They keep calling them « les carottes du jardin! » although, all carrots come from a garden, I know you get what they are talking about – they are as sweet and fresh tasting as though we would have grown and pulled them out ourselves. Bonus – our monthly grocery bill has reduced! We make its Point to simply use what we have and go to the store for simple stock ups like condiments, beverages and bread. Between you, the local butcher and the bulk store – that’s all we really need!

Love having fresh and organic produce delivered to my door. For me, it’s a way of forcing myself to eat better… I always have fresh veggies in my fridge… Don’t even have to go out!!! Because even if I didn’t plan in eating broccoli one week and I receive some, well I will plan a meal with broccoli, for example ! This week, I received a cabbage… Guess who made a cabbage soup? I really suggest these boxes 💙

Marie-France Isabelle

Trussler’s Harvest means feeding my family the best possible nutrition I can get them in the North. I also feel good knowing that, being a part of the Harvest, I’m helping to build a responsibly minded organic farming economy that is focused on being local.

Jesse Cybolsky